Bruteman Live is a philanthropy concert that raises funds for Ataxia research and support for those suffering from all forms of Ataxia in Canada. The Bruteman Live! format consists of songs written and composed by the Bruteman Roger Foley and friends. The song range in many different genres such as Rock, Techno, House, Folk, Comedy, and acoustic.

Bruteman Live! is now a part of the Canadian Ataxia Conference happening in London Ontario on Saturday October 20th 2012. With a live band and hip-hop/house dancers, Bruteman Live's stage centerpiece is a 4-foot diameter Mirror ball with effect lights, go-go cages, and video screen.

The October 20th 2012 edition held at Wolf Performance Hall in London Ontario will start off with the Rock/Techno track "With My Own Eyes" that's lyrics focus on the Social Media and television branding influences. After the first track the rest of the show will break into acoustic comedy songs featuring Mascot characters and dance numbers until the last two songs. "In My Dreams Again" is a ballad that focus on inspirations of positive dreams within a courageous mind. Then the closing song is "I'm Not Drunk, I Have Ataxia" is a comical tongue and cheek country style song regarding dealing with disability.

About the Bruteman: Roger Foley has played the role of the Bruteman character for over a decade hosting live events, concerts, and television shows. Roger was born with Cerebellar Ataxia and has battled the hereditary disease his entire life. Graduating from Carleton University with degrees in Economics and History, Roger entered the entertainment and broadcasting industry and then entered into a successful career with the Royal Bank.

At the Royal Bank, Roger managed all of Dominion Securities E-Business as well as managing 1500 investment advisor and branch websites. Roger is a two time RBC DS top Performer and 2 time RBC award of excellence recipient. In 2009 the Cerebellar Ataxia took command of Roger's health leaving him almost totally disabled. It's taken Roger 4 years to battle back to the point where he can produce a show every now and then. Being both and artist and intellectual, Roger has returned to his artistic roots.

Roger is now a volunteer board member for the Canadian Association for Familial Ataxias, CAFA is celebrating it's 40th year of supporting research and Ataxians across Canada. Roger sits as the current President of their Central Branch which helps Ataxians and their families in Ontario and Manitoba. Once a year Roger converts back to the Bruteman, back to his artistic roots, to raise awareness and funds to help Ataxia research and Canadian support for Ataxians. Let the Bruteman entertain and educate you with all the excitement you can shake a stick at!

All proceeds of Bruteman Live! are donated to CAFA. Roger personally dedicates his on stage performances to the memories of his father Alfred Foley who was a Canadian War Veteran with the South Saskatchewan Regiment during World War II, and to the memory of Claude St-Jean who was the founder of CAFA in 1972, and Order of Canada recipient, and the first Ataxian to convince doctors to research Ataxia.

See you all at the Wolf Performance Hall on October 20th 2012!